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the farm


The land that would become Thistledown Farm was purchased by the White family in 2012. Having been clear-cut almost a decade prior, the 40 acres was an unmanaged sprawl of dense brier patches, overgrown stands of hardwood saplings, and an abundance of thistles. Fifteen more acres were added in 2015. With a dream to create a country paradise and become livestock farmers, the White family set out on the weekends with their camping gear and bug repellant to blaze trails and clear pasture using hand tools, chainsaws and a couple off-road vehicles. In time, a farm house was built, followed by barns and pasture fences. Our farm has been home to flower and vegetable gardens, a variety of poultry, lamb and pigs. 


At Thistledown Farm we aim to provide healthy and ethically raised agricultural products. We are always experimenting with new ways to utilize our land and resources, but we do have our staples. Take a look at what we're growing now! If you would like to learn more or place an order for a purchase, please contact us.

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